TLC Baby Nurse Services 

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A Baby Nurse/Newborn Care Specialist Defined:
A Baby nurse is someone who comes into your home after the birth of your baby or babies to assist you in caring for you and your baby. This is a highly qualified person who have many years of experience caring for newborn. When I join a family I not only help with the newborn but I help in any way that I can to make the family as a whole happy and stress free. Being a Baby Nurse also mean being flexible and willing to go with the family where they need me the most If the family is planning a vacation, or needs to travel for any reason, I am available to accompany, and assist you on your trip. Having a professional caregiver with you round the clock; while you are away from home, will help ease your family‚Äôs transition to an unfamiliar environment making it easier for you to enjoy your vacation.

Specialize In: 

Domestic & International Vacation or Travel Baby Nurse/Newborn Care Specialist 



Breast Feeding



Sleep Training


Feeding Issue

Nursery Setup

Keeping Nursery Stocked

24/7 Round the Clock Service

Circumcision/Cord Care

Maintain Feed, Sleep Diaper Log

Identifying Problems and Resolutions

Consultations on Infant Issue

Parent Education and Assistance

Special Needs Babies

Will work with adoptive parents, same sex and surrogate families

Baby Nurse Newborn Care, Maternity Nurse