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Customer Testimonials

Ria is a fantastic baby nurse/NCS. She worked very hard to make me feel supported and was thoughtful and patient in offering advice and guidance. Ria is extremely knowledgeable about baby care and development. She appreciates that every baby is different and has an excellent instinct as a caregiver. Her guidance on feeding and sleep has been invaluable and her support and wisdom definitely increased my confidence as a mom!

                                                                                     Shira, New York                                                           

I employed Ria Sieunarine Shaw as a baby nurse/NCS for my third child, Adelaide, from birth until she was 10 months old (9/2012 – 7/2013.) She is an exceptional baby nurse and it was extremely hard to part with her. She took the very best care of Adelaide, reading to her, massaging her every day, keeping her stimulated, well fed, clean but most of all loved. What really differentiates Ria from other baby nurses, is that she does this job completely from the heart.

Caroline Kellen Garcia

Ridgefield CT

Ria quickly became a comfortable part of our family,as she always put the best interests of our baby ahead of all others, and treated our daughter as if it were her own.  As first time parents,she reassured our insecurities and offered patient instruction to make us more confident. Ria had no problem traveling to our vacation homes she was always pack and ready to go and by doing so she made it very easy for as to travel with a newborn. Update Ria came back to work with us when we had our second child a boy. Once again it was a joy to have Ria in our home.

                                                                                                 Aaron Zweig, 
                                                                                                  Kent CT         

My  baby  nurse  Ria  is  AMAZING and I will recommend  her  to  any  one  who  want  a  great  baby  nurse. Ria came to help us when my son was 3 weeks old  She was  very, very, very loving, caring  and  protective with our baby. Besides loving and taking care of the baby as she would take care of her own kids, Ria  soothes the baby  like no one else (not  even  me). My son will be 6 years soon and Ria remain a part of out life not as a baby nurse but as a part of our family. 


 Cinthia Martinez Rivera

Baby Nurse Newborn Care, Maternity Nurse